The first license key for CVX 2.0 expires on October 31, 2012. Because the academic license distribution infrastructure is not yet complete, I have created another license key that extends the beta period another month---through November 30, 2012.

Remember, a license key is required only if you are actively using CVX with one of the commercial solvers (Gurobi or MOSEK). A license is not required to use CVX with SeDuMi or SDPT3.

To update your installation, download the file cvx_license.mat below, and place it either 1) in your home directory, 2) on your desktop, or 3) in the cvx/ home directory. Then re-run cvx_setup. CVX will automatically detect the new license and replace the old one.

UPDATE: If you download build 877 or later of CVX, then you do not need to do this---it already has the updated license.